Dangerous pests that every homeowner should be aware of 


While it is true that bugs and critters are important to retain the balance of the ecosystem of the world but when they enter your happy places like your home, they cause nothing but a nuisance. They carry diseases and can lead to severe damage to your home. If you only consider termites, they can cause $5 billion in damages, as per the National Pest Management Association. 

It is sad enough to note that even the well-taken care of homes still have pest issues from time to time. If you’re looking for Backyard Comfort & Pest Control, here are a few types of household pests to be aware of. 


These are bugs that range from half-inch-to-2-inch and they are famous for destroying paper and fabric, contaminating food, and leading to stains on surfaces. Cockroaches are insects that fly and transmit bacteria and other diseases like coliform, salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and hepatitis virus. Bug sprays don’t work in case of elimination of cockroaches but if you are vigilant enough, you can eliminate them.


Rats are irritating creatures that elicit an eerie feeling in the best of people. If you find cats running behind rats or dragging them inside your house, it is high time to start taking action. Other signs of having rats are burrows in the garden, finding rat droppings, and rustling in the attic. Rats also gnaw on wires, wood, and insulation which can require costly repairs. 


Termites are probably the most dangerous bugs that are popular for attacking the wooden structure on which your house is built. They can also be dangerous to furniture,  books,  and food products that lie deeper inside the structure of your home. A female termite can lay thousands of eggs in one day and this can lead to havoc damage to your home. So,  as soon as you notice small-winged insects, you should be sure about your termite infestation and immediately start taking action.

Apart from the above-listed household pests,  there are other insects like ants and spiders that can also spread diseases within your family. Keep your food covered and wipe off any food crumbs that fall on the floor or your dining table so that they don’t unnecessarily attract insects like ants. If you think you can’t control pest infestation in your house,  get help from a professional pest control company as they utilize modern technology to eliminate pests permanently.

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