Five room designs that your kids will not outgrow


When designing the room for our kids, we tend to go all out and hire the best designers out there! There is a myriad of kids bedroom design. However, one should choose a design their kids will not outgrow anytime soon! Designing your kids bedroom can be daunting and exciting at the same time. The bedroom of a child is where he will spend the most time, and it should be fun and imaginative at the same time. It will shape the person he will grow up to be. 

Following are five kids bedroom design that your kids will not outgrow-

  1. Keep the walls neutral.

Many people opt for light pink or light blue walls for their kids rooms. However, a child is likely to outgrow them very quickly as they grow up quickly. You should dive your feet deep into the neutral colour palettes. They are one of the safest kids bedroom design as their neutral earthy tones have warm properties, adding soothing feelings of contentment and calmness to the child’s room. Beige colour and soft greys exude peace and tranquillity. One can do a little experimenting and add quirky accents that will reflect your child’s interest.

  1. Choose pieces of décor that are classic.

Choosing every piece/attribute of furniture wisely while decorating the room for your child is recommended. One should not go for themed furniture as it is more likely that your child will not be inclined towards it once they grow up. Instead, you should go for a timeless and beautiful piece which will grow along with them. You should choose the bed for your child very wisely as they grow very fast. Hence, a small or a miniature-sized bed is out of the picture. You can choose large trunks that are spacious for keeping their toys.

  1. Do not stick to a single theme.

Young children are a lot into animation and cartoons. However, they might not like the same cartoon as they grow up anymore. Instead of sticking to merely one idea, you can try incorporating your child’s interests into small ensembles in the room. If you want a cartoon-themed room, you can put on a cartoon wallpaper or a sticker which can be peeled off easily as and when required. This way, you can choose when and where to locate it in your kids bedroom. You can think of implementing these ideas for your kids bedroom design.

  1. Reflect their personalities.

A child’s and an adult’s way of thinking is entirely different. Children are inquisitive and they tend to question anything and everything around them. Decorate their room in such a way that will widen their horizons and imagination. Their bedroom should reflect a taste of their personality.

  1. Utilize the storage cleverly.

Your children’s belongings take up the most space in their room. You should design your kids bedroom space so that there is ample space to stuff their toys. It is very important to have boxes and large storage trunks and drawers to keep their toys, books and other things.

These are some of the most innovative kids bedroom design!

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