How Going To Your Local Laundromat Saves You Money & Time.


Many Australians all across the country do at least one clothes wash every single week and many homes do so many more. It depends on who is living in these properties, so if you are a retired couple then it’s likely that once a week is more than enough. If you are a growing family with three or four kids in tow then you’re going to be putting on a lot more washes and you’re going to be using a lot more water and detergent. Whatever your circumstances, there is a huge difference between a home washing machine and a commercial washing machine. You may think that you have the best home model that there is but it will never hold a candle to the washing machines that you find in your local laundromat.

We drive past the local laundromats every single day and we don’t think for a moment that this location can save us an incredible amount of money and time over the course of any year. We do not realise that these same places can make our lives so much easier and yet we continue to live our lives without ever understanding the benefits that we are missing out on. The following are just some of the reasons why going to your local laundromat is a money and time saver.

  • You only need to do one wash – If you are taking care of a family then it’s likely that you have to put on to work three washes in a single day and so you are driving up your water bill and you’re having to spend a lot more money on detergent. The beauty about using a washing machine in a laundromat is that it is so much bigger and so all of your clothes can be done in just one sitting. If you like, you can hold of and doing a wash for a couple of weeks and then bring everything to the laundry mat all at one time and you can use to 3 washing machines and once.
  • Your clothes are much cleaner – We all notice the gravy stain that one shirt has or the Bolognese stain that seems to be firmly embedded in a tie. No amount of washing in the home machine can get out the stains and yet if you take the same clothes to your local laundromat they seem to come out cleaner every single time. This is because there is a lot more room for the clothes to move around and so they come out of the machine clean and fresh.

These all help to save you time but going to your local laundromat can also help to save you money as well. Your washing machine at home contributes significantly to your electricity bill but when you use commercial grade washing machines, these use a lot less water and so they use less electricity. You will be taking steps to save yourself both time and money and you will also be taking real steps to reduce your overall carbon footprint which can only have positive effects for the environment.

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