Skirting Boards Cover- How To Keep Them Clean For A Longer Time


Is the skirting board cover at your place looking tired or worn? In that case, you need to be careful and use some steps at this time only for good results. If you take care of these covers properly, there is a high chance of having them in good condition for an extended period. Considering some of the common tips will make cleaning the skirting board cover an easy and favorable option for you.

Material Required To Clean Skirting Boards

You need to make proper arrangements so that the cleaning process is performed in the best way and in the least possible time. A basic idea of the equipment required in the cleaning process will complete the task in the shortest possible time. Some essential that will help in the cleaning process includes:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Bucket
  • Lukewarm water
  • A clean, soft cloth

Way To Clean The Skirting Boards Cover

As we all know, the skirting boards cover are made up using various materials, and a slight variation is there in the method of cleaning these boards. You can gather details on how to clean the boards and then finally choose the method per the equipment you can arrange.

1.     Dusting And Vacuuming

No one can deny the fact that sometimes the process of cleaning skirting boards becomes a difficult task; you need to be careful. Based on the quality of the boards, variation will be there in the amount of the dust that will be gathered on the boards. You can use the duster or the vacuum cleaner to clean off these dust and marks.

Using the vacuum cleaner, you can easily get rid of the excessive amount of dust that is present on these covers. After this, you can use the duster to remove the dust still on the boards due to any of the reasons.

2.     Warn Water With Soap.

Even going for warm water and soap is also a great choice; you can fill a bucket with warm water, and you need to add even the soap here. Now with the help of the cloth, clean the boards; though it is traditional, the shine and finish it will provide to the boards is quite attractive. Here you need to be careful to ensure that the boards dry up properly to avoid any complications in the future.

3.     Bleach and Sprays

Due to the strong odor, people avoid using the beach and sprays, but the results are quite good. But in no way using bleach and sprays is an advisable option; it can leave a bad effect on the paintwork you have done on these boards. You can go for cleaning with this method after a specific period, but for regular cleaning, they will not be a good choice.


Installing the skirting boards will not complete the task, but there is a proper requirement for their maintenance. If you are careful in their care, their durability will improve, and using them for extended periods is possible.

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