Starting To Plan Your Garage Conversion


When you need more space in your home but do not have the funds to build an extension, you may want to consider converting your garage instead. Garage conversions are common throughout the country, and you often do not need to get planning permission before starting this project, although you will want to check before you start. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider that can help you plan your garage conversion and extend the liveable space in your home on a budget.

Check The Quality Of The Structure

Before you start your garage conversion, you will need to check that the walls are structurally sound, and you do not need to reinforce the foundations at all. If the garage is in a bad state, it can often be more cost-effective to knock it down and build it again, and you will need to get your builder to check it out before starting. You may also need to raise the ceiling level as you need around 2.2-2.4 m of headroom, and your floor will also need to be at least 15cm above the ground level.

Adding Utilities

Depending on what you will use the garage for, you may need to add utilities to it. Most garages will already have an electricity supply, but you will need to price up getting running water to your garage if you need it. If your garage needs electricity and water and does not have a supply, this can increase the cost of your build, so it is worth considering whether you need running water in your new space.

Getting Your Garage Fitted Out

Once the walls, ceilings, foundations, and utilities are sorted, you can then start fitting the garage out, plastering the walls and ceilings, and making the space look presentable. However, before you do that, you will want to ensure there is adequate insulation in your garage, or it could end up being the coldest room in your home. When you start doing the finishing touches, you will see that this part of the process moves quickly, and once the plastering tools and equipment have been removed and the walls are dry, you can start considering decorating your new space.

Decorating Your New Space

You will want to consider how you will use your converted garage before you look to decorate it. If you use it as a home office, you will want to choose the décor carefully, as the colour can significantly impact your productivity when working in the space. Also, ensure that you select appropriate furnishings for the conversion, so whatever you use it for, the area is comfortable to use. With a bit of careful planning, a bit of hard work, and some patience, you can soon have a new room in your home ready to be used. With most people using their garages to store junk, it is an excellent way to clear some of the rubbish out of your life and maximise the use of your available space.

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