Using Purifying Sources to Deal with Negativity


Burning sage, also popular by the name of the white sage plant is used for some ancient practice of healing. The process called smudging is one spiritual ritual that is well-practiced in the tribal area and some native American cultures as well. Even if it is not followed by all the groups but still is one of the known traditions that most of the native Americans still consider being useful. Chumash, Lakota, and Cahuilla are some other traditions that are being followed too. That is not it! There are some cultures across the world that equally have the same ritual. But before using it, one needs to know the benefits associated with it.

A purifying source:

There are many sage types that are being used for antimicrobial properties. The white sage plant is one of them & used for many benefits. It ensures that protection against the virus and infection bacteria is given in a possible manner. This type of plant consists of all antibacterial ingredients and has even repelled insects. It is believed that such plants eradicate all kinds of pathogens, spiritual impurities, and even insects that are said to have some fundamentals for smudging practice.

Relieves symptoms

Sage is not just rich with antimicrobial properties but is known to be so pure that it can clear pout the air too. There might be many bugs and bacteria around which could damage the whole breathing system slowly. Sometimes the risk of asthma and other allergies increases too. That is when the burning sage can prove to be a lifesaver. It releases all kinds of negative ions and ensures the positive ones are neutralizing. People facing respiratory conditions like bronchitis can also use this healing option.

A spiritual tool

Smudging is known to be used for being in touch with the spiritual realm. It enhances intuition and hence is one of the best options to choose. For the laypeople and healers in the traditional culture, this type of plant has already achieved a healing state. It deals with solving spiritual dilemmas. There is a probability of it having a certain scientific basis. There are different types of sage plants that consist of thujone that can enhance intuition.

Dispel negative energy

Smudging is one efficient tool that can get rid of negativity. It also includes dealing with bad experiences, past traumas, and some other negative energy from other sources. This would help in establishing a positive environment for meditation and other rituals too. Those who want to eradicate all the negative thoughts can use this option for self-improvement.


Right from boosting the energy level to cognition, there are so many advantages of the white sage plant that an individual can get. However, it needs a lot of practice to be used well. The belief of all matters the most since smudging is directly connected to healing the soul within. Even its divine aroma leaves a lovely incense that would uplift the mood.

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