What are the Dangers Involved in the Presence of Roof Rats in Your Houses?


Many people are not aware that roof rats are actually the most common rat in the United States. They are about 12 inches long, with a tail that is 4 to 6 inches long. Roof rats can be distinguished from other rat species by their black-tipped tails and large ears. This invasive species poses many threats for homeowners concerning their homes. Therefore, hire any Austin pest exterminators the sooner you find signs of roof rats in your house.

Many people fear the presence of roof rats in their houses. Roof rats are not only pests and can be harmful to humans and pets, but they can also transmit diseases. Being a pest, roof rats will tear up furniture and insulation, which is extremely costly to repair or replace. They also create holes in roofs and walls, which will allow rain to enter the house. Moreover, roof rats have been known to get into sheds and garages where you might store food such as nuts and seeds.

What are the Signs of Roof Rat Infestation in Your Houses?

Many people don’t know what it means to have a roof rat problem in their homes, but this is a serious concern. Roof rats can give you a constant reminder that they’re in your home by constantly scurrying across the floor or nibbling on fruit on your countertop. Here are some signs that can indicate that there are roof rats living in your house: 

  • Rat droppings
  • Scratching noises
  • Footprints
  • Rub marks
  • Damages on wood and plastic
  • Presence of rat nests
  • Burrows

Dangers of Roof Rat Infestation

Roof rats are known to cause damage in your house but can also be dangerous to your health. They are often found close to the roofline on the rafters and cross beams. Perhaps one of the most alarming dangers of roof rats is that they carry diseases like leptospirosis, which can lead to liver and kidney failure.

  • Causes damages to your property
  • Carry disease-causing parasites
  • Damages plastic containers and wooden boxes
  • Spread diseases

Prevention of Roof Rat Infestation

Here are certain ways by which you can prevent roof rat infestation in your houses.

  • Keep thrash out of your houses
  • Maintain house clean and tidy
  • Use caps for your chimneys
  • Seal off all entrances
  • Remove all kinds of excess vegetation around your property

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