What to Fix Before Selling a House

A man fixing things before selling a house.

Selling a home is quite an experience. Not only will you need to put in a lot of hard work and great effort, but you’ll also need to say goodbye to a place that you love and call home. Of course, if you’re moving to a place that’s better and will do more to suit your needs, you’ll get over this in time. One of the most important things in the home selling process is making your home eligible for sale. One of the ways to make your home sell as quickly as possible is to know what to fix before selling a house. Even if you have a seemingly perfect home, there’s always some room for improvement.

No experience?

If you’re someone who lacks experience in this regard, don’t feel discouraged. There are many ways you can make up for the fact that you don’t really know how and what to fix before selling a house. One of the easiest and probably most frequently utilized things you could do is to call a professional to the rescue. Have someone experienced go through your home to see what needs fixing and touching up.

Things that are most important to fix before selling a house

Functionality and practicality are the two most important things you should focus on. Without fixing the grand issues before selling a house, you won’t have a house to sell.

  • Faulty wiring
    The most dangerous of all things to neglect is faulty wiring. No matter how experienced you are, make sure to contact a professional on this matter. Poking around your home to find and aid this issue isn’t recommended.
  • Roof issues
    Roof issues could be anywhere from really small and a simple inconvenience to a huge problem that could mess with your whole house. In order to find out the severity of your problems, you’ll need to call up an expert.
  • Foundation problems
    Another incredibly serious and immediate threat is an issue concerning house foundations. It’s what holds your whole home together. If your house is infested by termites or something similar, you should solve the problem as soon as humanly possible.
  • Plumbing mistakes
    Although not as serious, if you’re having some plumbing mistakes, you should check them out and get this over with. Since it’s neither complicated nor expensive, you really don’t have a reason to put it off.

Aesthetics are important

Of course, prospective buyers will also be looking for a certain visual potential in your home. This is why you shouldn’t only consider practical things to fix before selling a house, but aesthetical as well.

  • Make sure to get a fresh coat of paint
    There’s something about a freshly painted house that makes it look new and put together. Make sure to choose the right colors and not go overboard. If you’re planning to sell your home, you should always think objectively and not subjectively.
  • Think about the market you’re in
    If there are any open houses near you, you should consider visiting them. This way, you’ll get a better take on what your prospective buyers are looking for. If there’s a common thread in your neighborhood’s market, implement it in your home as well since it clearly works for everyone else.
  • The exterior is the first thing a buyer will notice
    Of course, never neglect the exterior while fixing your house before selling it. Just like with everything else, the first impression really matters. Make sure that your home looks tidy, modern, and in quality.
  • Good lighting is essential
    Finally, something that’ll either make your whole house shine or make it really dark, unappealing, and the average is lighting. See what works for your interior, carefully pick it out, and apply it.

Make economically smart choices

Even though you should take fixing things before selling a house seriously, don’t go overboard. If you begin to nitpick every single thing that bothers you, you’ll end up wanting to fix the whole house. This isn’t a very smart move economically. What’s more, try to save up even on the things that you are investing in. You can do this with things as simple as purchasing bulbs that save money or investing in a good quality mesmerizing piece that will draw everyone to your home.

DIY moving to save up

Seeing how you’ll move either while or after selling your house, you’ll need to dedicate some time, money, and energy to that as well. However, in order to save up and be able to invest even more in fixing your house before selling it, you could arrange to DIY your move. Once your relocation goes smoothly, you’ll be able to take the money you would’ve otherwise spent on movers and put it to good use.

Generically promising homes sell

Make sure that your home is filled with neutral colors and items that are pleasant and generic in a good way. Although you may not want this for your home, people that are looking to purchase a property wish to see themselves in it and be able to imagine their lives unfolding in the space. The best way to cover as many people as possible is to be a bit ordinary.

Be consistent

Make sure that you achieve a cohesive look throughout the home so that people get the feeling that they’re in someone’s dolled-up home. Your house is much more likely to sell this way than if all the rooms look like they belong to a different style.

Do a pre-sale home inspection

In order to be aware of the real condition of your home and what exactly to fix before selling a house, you should definitely do a pre-sale inspection. Once the professionals have given you their opinion and have examined your home thoroughly, you can make arrangements with contractors and handymen. This won’t take long but will help you spot the potential issues at a very fast pace.

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