All You Need to Know About These Harmless Creatures – Squirrels!



 Squirrels are very common creatures that you find everywhere. You may find them to be harmless and cute, but the truth is something else. These little creatures can cause a lot of damage around your house, which you might not be even aware of. Hence, we would advise you to make yourself aware of their activity around your home.


Strange sounds coming around your house:


Squirrels chew or gnaw a lot on things to keep their teeth sharp. This can be anything that is edible or non-edible. The most common sound that you might hear will include scurrying and scampering. So, if you hear these sound inside your house especially in areas like chimneys then you will have to be very careful.


Squirrels are very much during the early mornings and late afternoons. So, if you hear some kind of banging or rustling noise during this time, then you can be sure to have squirrels up on the rooftop or in your attic.


Damage around your house:


The damage caused by squirrels are difficult to be identified because most of the damages are done inside the walls and the attics.


So below are some lists of things which can be noticed:


  • You may see some teeth marks on the electric wires, wood and walls.
  • There might be nests in the insulation
  • The chips of the wood chewed would be scattered everywhere.
  • Some damages may be found in the air vent areas.


If you find any of these signs, then you will have to take a step immediately to avoid any further problems. You can ask the professionals for an inspection in such areas.


Foul Odours:


These odours would be something from urine which can originate from the walls or from the air vents. Most of the time it also happens that the squirrels can get stuck inside those vents and die. This can cause an even more powerful odour. If you begin to get these smells then you should very much find a reason for this problem.


Squirrel droppings:


The squirrel dropping is one of the indications that you have to take an immediate step. These droppings may look similar to those of rats, raccoons or bats. If you find any such thing then you need to take proper measures as this might spread dangerous bacteria and diseases. You must call the pest control company to get rid of this culprit. Try the Pest Control Manchester which has been serving its customers for, 30 years now. It is a family owned business that does special treatments against pests like rats, cockroaches and many other pests.


Squirrel Fights:


This is one biggest indication that there are squirrels around your neighbourhood and your house is at risk. If the population of these squirrels are higher in one area, then you might find them fighting for their resources and the right to survival.


How to deal with the squirrel problem?


Identifying the existence of this creature is the first step towards solving the squirrel problem. The next thing would be to identify the way to control it and removing any kind of its access to your house in future. As mentioned above a pest control professional would help you do so.


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