What clothes do you need in the first year of life?


All women, barely learning about their new status, rush to buy new things for the baby. Of course, you can buy a few cute bodysuits or sliders, but it is better to consider the purchase of the bulk of things for your baby carefully. It is important to learn in advance what are the basic things in the baby’s wardrobe?

Before making a list, think about how often you will wash baby clothes. Keep in mind that for the first few months, all clothing that comes into contact with the body, such as shirts, sliders, bodysuits, should be washed daily. Sometimes clothes need to be washed several times a day as they get dirty. If you do not have time to wash everything, it is better to buy clothes in stock so that you can always change the baby in a clean and dry place.

If the topical question for you is “How to choose cute baby clothes for a year?”, Remember about seasonality. If the baby is born at the end of the season, for example, in February, buy a few winter things, and make a large stock of demi-season overalls, fleece men.

Basic elements of children’s wardrobe

So, let’s start in order, what should be on the shelves before the trip to the hospital. For babies who are born in the cold season, a warm envelope is a must. He can use it not only for discharge, but also later – it can be placed in a trolley for insulation. Very practical envelopes-transformers, they decompose and turn into a warm cosy blanket.

For cold days it is better to choose a windbreaker on a synthetic winterizer, and for a fine season the jacket is lighter, without a heater. During the transition period, when there is no winter cold, but the sun is not yet warm, it is necessary to protect the baby from moisture and cold wind.

Bodysuits are suitable for summer – men without sleeves and pants. If it is not very hot at home or on the street, you can wear a skirt for a girl, pants for a boy.

If you are interested in kids clothes online up to a year, how to choose, pay attention to quality. Fabrics must be natural, this is an important rule to follow, regardless of the age of the child. You can wear a fleece or knitted jumpsuit on a cotton bodysuit, but the clothes that touch the skin must be made of natural material.

For children who are actively interested in the environment, do not buy clothes with applications, stripes that are easy to tear off. After all, the baby can pull a small decorative element in his mouth.

What to change in the wardrobe of a baby from three months?

Sandbox (romper) – The sandbox is very comfortable – the kid does not pick up anything in it, the back is always closed. Romper, mostly sewn from light fabrics, for the warm season.

What clothes does a child from 6 to 9 months need? It will be more comfortable to wear clothes with a separate top and bottom, so mom can easily change into a dirty T-shirt or blouse.

In summer, when the temperature in the room stays at 22-25 degrees, the baby from the age of six months can walk in diapers, a light T-shirt and shorts. But if the child often crawls on his knees, it is better to choose light pants.

If you do not know how to choose the right clothes for a one-year-old child, be sure to focus on the season. Blouses and pants are chosen according to the same rules as an 8-9-month-old baby. Overalls, jackets, it is desirable to choose from a membrane fabric that does not get wet and protects from the wind.

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