Do You Know How Fly Screens Can Protect Your Business?


As the spring season turns into summer then the warm weather will be on the way. In the UK during this time, there will be a sudden increase in flies and insect activity.

Therefore, to block the entry of these flies you can install fly screens that are supplied by Premier Screens Ltd. Let us see here how such flyscreens can protect your businesses.

What are fly screens?

Flyscreens are so designed that they can cover the opening of your doors and windows. Such flyscreens can easily be installed in your office or home to protect against insects or mosquitoes entering your premises.

Such insects can always spread infection and can often lead to certain infectious diseases. You can prevent any health threats by using such aluminum fly screen doors in the home or office. Usually, bifold doors are used for enhancing the appearance of the room.

These flyscreens can be used in the following areas and can be quite useful.

1.    Restaurant and dining areas

In the food industries, there are very strict regulations where restaurants and other food outlets must have proper hygiene standards. Flying insects can always carry bacteria that may cause several health issues.

Therefore, for such places, these commercial fly screens will be the perfect solution. Not only these screens will protect your business and prevent insects from entering the property but also they will provide a good amount of ventilation to the kitchens, dining areas, and also to food preparation areas.

2.    Protect your office and home office

You can notice over the last few years, there is an increase in temperatures during the summer, which often leads to an increase in the flying insect population. During this climate, sitting in an office under the searing heat, your productivity gets reduced.

Therefore, during the summer there is an increased demand for air conditioning, which can always be quite expensive and also adds to the carbon footprint. By installing such flyscreens, you can enhance the air circulation within the home and reduce the use of air conditioning to some extent.

3.    Schools, colleges, or university

During the warm spring-time, it becomes really very difficult to sit inside a classroom to listen to lectures. Also, it will be equally uncomfortable for all teachers and staff. Almost similar to any office and workspace, air conditioning is always a luxury in certain educational facilities, and also it is not very environmentally friendly.

Keeping the doors and windows is the only solution for creating a cool and ventilated classroom. Often this can prove to be problematic, particularly when students could also have allergic reactions due to bee stings.

Therefore, by the correct application of such insect screens, it is possible to safeguard all schools and college buildings and also offer cool ventilation.

4.    Retirement homes or care homes

Those old people who live in retirement or care homes never experience as much fresh air that they might like. They can be provided with fresh-air ventilated as well as insect-free rooms by using such fly screens.

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