7 Things to Know Before Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning is a tradition that many of us undertake as the seasons change. It’s an opportunity to freshen up our homes, let in some fresh air, and make them clean, happy, and efficient.

Besides the obvious benefit of a cleaner home, spring cleaning helps us to shake off the winter doldrums and prepare our living spaces for the more active outdoor months.

Before you dive headlong into a whirlwind of dusting, decluttering, and discovering long-lost items, it’s essential to prepare.

Proper preparation is vital to making your spring cleaning efforts efficient and effective. This blog will cover seven crucial things to know before you start, from gathering the proper cleaning solutions to involving your whole family.

Before you start splashing around your favourite cleaning solutions, it’s crucial to:

  • Define the Scope: Understand precisely what needs to be done, from the smallest nooks and crannies to the largest surfaces.
  • Create a Cleaning Checklist: A detailed checklist, organised by room, ensures nothing is missed.
  • Set Realistic Goals: While it’s great to be ambitious, it’s also important to be realistic about what can be accomplished in the time you have. Don’t set yourself up for failure by planning to clean your entire house in one day.

Instead, break it down into manageable chunks, and remember, it’s okay to take breaks! Your cleaning solutions will still be there when you get back.

Gather the Cleaning Supplies You Need

Before diving into your spring cleaning, it’s essential to ensure you have all the necessary supplies:

  • Common Supplies: These typically include all-purpose cleaners, disinfecting wipes, glass cleaners, and specialised cleaning solutions for surfaces like wood or stainless steel. Also, don’t forget your microfibre cloths, scrub brushes, and a good mop!
  • Organising Supplies: A great tip is to create a cleaning caddy filled with your most-used cleaning solutions and tools. This way, everything you need is in one portable spot, making it easy to move from room to room without lugging multiple bottles and accessories.

Having your supplies organised and easily accessible will make your cleaning process smoother and more efficient.

Declutter Before You Clean

Decluttering is a crucial first step before diving into the actual cleaning. It’s much easier to clean surfaces and spaces when they’re not covered in clutter. Decluttering can be incredibly refreshing and mentally satisfying – it’s like giving your home a mini-makeover!

Here are some effective decluttering tips:

  • Tackle One Area at a Time: This helps you not to get overwhelmed.
  • Create Three Categories: Keep, donate, and throw away.
  • Be Honest: Ask yourself, “Have I used this in the past year?” If not, it’s time to let it go.

Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so consider donating items still in good condition. By decluttering first, you’ll make cleaning much easier and more efficient.

Get the Family Involved

Getting the whole family involved in the cleaning process has several benefits:

  • Faster Cleaning: More hands make light work!
  • Instills Responsibility: It teaches everyone teamwork and responsibility.
  • Fun: Yes, cleaning can also be a lot of fun if done the right way.

Here are some tips for involving kids and making cleaning fun:

  • Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks: Younger kids can sort and organise, while older kids can vacuum or clean windows.
  • Make it a Game: Challenge someone to pick up the most toys or make their bed fastest in 5 minutes.
  • Play Music: Have a little dance party while you clean.
  • Reward Everyone: Maybe it’s a special treat, a movie night, or a trip to the park.

Making cleaning a fun and rewarding family activity will instil good habits in your kids and make the process more enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t Try to Do Everything in One Day

Getting all your spring cleaning done in one day is super tempting, but that’s a one-way ticket to Burnoutville.

  • Pacing is Essential: Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Your home didn’t get dirty in one day, and it won’t get clean in one day either.
  • Break Tasks Down: Assign different cleaning solutions and tasks to different days. For example, tackle the kitchen and living room on Saturday, the bedrooms on Sunday, and the bathrooms on Monday.
  • Avoid Getting Overwhelmed: This way, you won’t get overwhelmed, and you’ll be able to give each area the attention it deserves.
  • Rest and Recharge: Plus, you’ll have time to rest and recharge in between, which is super important.

Don’t Forget the Often Neglected Areas

When embarking on your spring cleaning adventure, don’t forget those often-neglected areas that might not get as much attention during your regular cleaning routine.

  • Commonly Overlooked Spots: These include baseboards, window sills, behind appliances, and under furniture.
  • Cleaning Tips: Use your favourite cleaning solutions, a microfiber cloth, or a duster to tackle these areas. Don’t forget to move furniture and appliances to clean behind and underneath them thoroughly.

Remember, dirt and dust love to hide in the most unexpected places!

Maintenance is Key

After all that hard work, maintaining that fresh, clean feeling is crucial.

  • Importance of Maintenance: Regular maintenance is critical to keeping your home clean and organised post-spring cleaning.
  • Create a Maintenance Plan: Include a schedule for using your favourite cleaning solutions and follow a regular cleaning routine. This might involve weekly vacuuming, dusting, surface cleaning and monthly tasks like cleaning windows or deep-cleaning appliances.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way in keeping your home looking and feeling its best!

Final Words

To ensure a successful spring cleaning, preparation and planning are essential. Begin by creating a well-thought-out plan, gathering suitable cleaning solutions, and maintaining a positive attitude.

This will help you achieve success and make the entire process more manageable and enjoyable. Remember that a clean and organised home leads to a happier home. So, happy spring cleaning!

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