Aspects to Look for When Hiring a Bathroom Renovation Contractor


If you have finally decided to do something about that fading bathroom and are on the hunt for a local renovation specialist, it can seem like a challenge, with so many small builders who renovate homes. Of course, you could post on Facebook, asking for personal recommendations, or you could look for the following when asking local companies for quotes.

  • Award-Winning – The obvious choice is a contractor that has won design awards and they are around; Google will bring up a list of websites and with some careful browsing, you can create a shortlist. Building federations and associations have very high standards and should a contractor be a member, this is a strong indication of quality work.
  • Customer Focused – How do you know if a company is client focused? You should get the feeling you are important from the word go, with prompt & professional service and always having your best interests at heart. Top Sydney bathroom renovations contractors use computer 3D applications to design the space and an in-house design team are ready to turn your concept into reality.
  • Customer Testimonials – Aside from the many reviews on their website, a leading bathroom renovation contractor would be able to furnish you with some genuine reviews and even show you a few previous projects. If a contractor cannot supply you with reviews, this should be a warning sign, as any good company would be able to demonstrate the quality of their work.
  • Transparent Pricing – When you are about to spend your hard-earned cash, you do want to know exactly where it goes; a good contractor would itemise the quote, with a detailed description of the project and their responsibilities. An all-inclusive price would also be expected, regardless of any extra work that might be required.
  • Working to Deadlines – A successful renovator would always complete projects on time and would always work to the client’s budget and once an agreement is reached, the project would be smoothly completed and you would have a long warranty.
  • No Quibble Warranty – A good builder would be happy to offer an unconditional guarantee on all their work, which does give the customer peace of mind. Always read the small print when entering into any agreement and if you have chosen a leading contractor, you will be more than happy with your new bathroom.

Once you have crunched the numbers and have a firm budget in mind, start with an online search and look for all of the above, which should lead to you making an informed decision.

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