Home Stairlift Installation – How to Prepare for Your New Stairlift


Installing a stairlift in your home has numerous advantages. It is a useful machine that can help you to move from level to level with ease without having to worry about accidents or injuries. All you have to do is operate the stairlift from your remote when you have strapped yourself in using the seatbelt provided. Before the stairlift expert arrives, here are some things you can do to get ready.


Heavy-duty stairlifts in Sutton Coldfield have been installed up and down the country for many years. But before it arrives, engineers recommend getting the stairs ready for installation. The first thing you must do is de-clutter the area, so the engineer has plenty of room to install the new feature. Simply clear the staircase of any obstructions such as objects hanging near the stairs, clutter, or cabinets.

You just need to get rid of anything you may think might be in the technician’s way. There is no need to hire a cleaning team as most stairlift experts leave your home the way they found it, except with the addition of a new stairlift.

Installation Time

One of the best things about stairlifts is that they don’t take days to install. An efficient team with plenty of experience will have your new stairlift up and running in the space of a few hours. Some projects are trickier than others, so it all depends on the type of stairs you have in your home.

A straight staircase will take less time than a curved one. Other factors include the uniqueness of the staircase, its size, and location. Once installed, the technician goes through a rigorous process to ensure the rail and carriage are operating optimally and exceed thorough safety tests.

After Installation

Before the technician leaves, they will make sure their client knows exactly how to operate the stairlift. They’ll explain what every button on the remote does and how to safely operate it. If you’ve any concerns they’ll be more than willing to answer them.

Getting ready for your new stairlift is easy, all you have to do is de-clutter the area and wait for skilled engineers to do the rest. Once everything has been safely installed and tested, the technician’s will then go over operating instructions. Before they leave, make sure you fully understand everything from maintenance to remote control.

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