Choosing a Bathroom Renovation Company: What you Should Know


If the time has come to revamp your bathroom, finding a contractor is not difficult; there are many small builders who are capable of such a project, but you want a company with a good reputation, one that is tried and tested, so to speak. Here are a few ingredients found in a top-rated bathroom renovation contractor.

  • Affiliated with Building Federations – Look for a contractor that wins awards and is associated with certain building federations, as this is a deal of approval, and let’s face it, there’s no one better than an award-winning designer to create your bathroom layout. Regulatory bodies have very high benchmarks and for a builder to be accepted, you can be sure that their workmanship is of a very high standard. One such outfit is who offer a truly amazing service including an in-house design team.
  • In-House Design Team – Why not take advantage of a professional design service? Some bathroom renovation contractors have their own design team and once they listen to your concept, they are able to create the perfect layout and most can work to the client’s budget.
  • Customer Reviews – Logically, if a company does a great job, they would have a lot of online customer reviews, so do look for these when browsing contractors’ websites, as this adds weight to their claims. There should be images or even video on previous projects, which gives you some confidence.
  • All-Inclusive Quote – The last thing you need is a big invoice at project completion, so do verify with the contractor that the agreed price is what you will pay, regardless of what might be encountered during the project. A transparent pricing structure should be in place and when you receive their quote, everything would be itemised so you can see where your money is going.
  • Insist on Quality Materials and Furnishings – Some builders will agree on a price, then try to buy the cheapest materials possible to increase their margin, so do insist on the best of everything regarding quality. If you stick to known brands, you can’t really go wrong and the contractor should be recommending products and materials that are of high quality.

When you make enquiries, you should expect a prompt response and if you get the feeling that the people you talk to care about your ideas, then take it further and don’t be afraid to ask several contractors to quote for the project.

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