Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Duct Cleaning Services


It’s a very common question – Do you need to clean the air ducts of the HVAC system and how often? The answer is a big ‘YES’. It is recommended to get your air ducts clean every 3 to 5 years by hiring a reputed duct cleaning services like Duct Masters. They provide the most affordable and excellent duct cleaning in Melbourne. A simple way to notice when you need duct cleaning is – your home is pretty dustier than usual or you find a sudden spike in your electricity bill. It is high time to get your ducts inspected by an experienced and professional team.

Hiring the first company you come across is not the smartest way as you should find the right services for the task. Therefore, there are some important things to consider when choosing the best and experienced air duct cleaning services.

Listed below are some factors you must look into before hiring a reputed duct cleaning company:

  • Ask for recommendation & references

If you have family and friends, ask them for an experienced duct cleaning company, that has done quality work in the past. Many companies believe in word of mouth, as it helps them to increase customers. So, they request their valued customers, if they can use them to give references to new ones. If you cannot find one that can offer you references, find another one.

  • Work experience

The best way to find out if the services you are hiring have many years of experience is to inquire how long they have been in this business. Do not hesitate, as you would never want to get your home’s ducts cleaned by a new company, trying to learn the task.

  • Licensed & insured

Other important factor is to verify whether they have an authentic license well as the insurance certificates. Always take your time to make sure both these company’s certificates are valid when you are hiring them.

  • Method used

When you hire an experienced company like Dust Masters, ask them what method and equipment they will be using to clean the ducts. Few employees generally use a machine which is similar to vacuum debris and dust out of the ducts, while other services might also use truck-mounted units as well. Though, truck-mounted units are much powerful can also remove debris better.

  • Other services included with duct cleaning

If signing a contract with quality duct cleaning company, inquire about the services included. While a few companies would only clean the ducts of your HVAC systems, others could also offer vent cleaning as well, along with duct cleaning at the same time. Try to hire a company that offers multiple services under a single package, as it falls cheap and you don’t need to hire additional services to get them cleaned.

When finding the best duct cleaning in Melbourne for both residential and commercial spaces, contact Dust Masters today. They use the latest U.S. imported equipment, and highly experienced and qualified mobile technicians to perform super-efficient duct cleaning and sanitation services in several Melbourne homes.

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