Tips for choosing a propane gas supplier


Whether you are a new propane gas user or considering switching your supplier, choosing the right propane gas supplier is an important decision that you will need to make. Not all propane gas suppliers are the same, they do not have the same rates neither the same level of customer service. In most of the localities, several suppliers operate, making this choice a quite overwhelming one.

Propane gas as a fuel has multitude of benefits, but a homeowner will be able to experience these only if they choose the right propane gas supplier. This fact makes this decision a very crucial and important one.

Qualities of a good propane gas supplier

Here are five essential qualities that you must look for in your propane supplier, to have a good experience using their service.

  1. Their prices are fair: Price is the most important concern of all propane users. You must look for a supplier who offers a fair price, both in the short and long term. The price of propane varies every day and depends on the location too. Therefore, you must not look for the cheapest option, but a fair price. Consider the types of fee the supplier charges, for instance installation charges or termination charges. The fees and additional charges, in the long run add up to a considerable amount.
  2. Flexible delivery: Make sure your supplier has flexible delivery options for you to choose from. Common delivery options are automatic, times and will call delivery.
  3. Impeccable customer service: A good propane supplier offers longer service hours and an emergency response service. They must be helpful and friendly, as you will be communicating with them often.
  4. Certifications: Propane gas suppliers must adhere to multiple regulations to qualify to supply, install and maintain the propane fuel system.
  5. Good reviews: If the decision becomes very confusing, customer reviews are the ultimate source of truth. Good customer reviews are a sign that the supplier meets the expectations of their customers.

Questions you must ask the propane supplier

While you are doing your due diligence on finding the right propane gas supplier, asking the below questions to the company will make it simpler for you.

  1. What are the payment options you offer? Online payments are quite convenient, and it take off a lot of hassle.
  2. Do you have an automatic delivery option? Automatic delivery ensures that you do not have to keep a track of your propane usage and you don’t run out of the gas. The company tracks your usage and makes a scheduled delivery as per the estimates.
  3. What are the tank leasing options? Depending on your personal preference you should look for leasing option or go ahead with purchasing a propane tank for yourself.
  4. What is the process of transfer if I switch the supplier? If you switch the supplier, the old supplier might charge an early termination cost and have other clauses in place. Make sure you are aware of these.
  5. What the fees and incentives for new customers as well as loyalty benefits? Some companies offer incentives to new customers to lure them. Many suppliers have loyalty benefits for their old customers.
  6. Do you offer maintenance services for propane appliances? Choosing a comprehensive company is always beneficial and their packages also help you save some bucks.
  7. What are your safety records? You must ask the company about their commitment to safety. Though propane gas is a safe fuel, mishandling it can lead to disasters.

Asking the above questions to supplier while you compare their quotations and services, will make sure you choose the most reliable and suitable propane gas supplier and the decision is beneficial for you in the long run.

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